Dance Fever

Class Information

Classes start on 4th February 2019 and consist of Modern Jazz/Funk & Tap dancing, along with Hip Hop where stated, and will work towards our end of year concert.

Class Venues

Lara Community Centre

Waverley Road, Lara

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Monday - Lara Community Centre
Waverley Road, Lara
Class Age Group Start Finish
Subs 1 Age 3 - Prep 4.00pm 4.45pm
Juniors 1 Grades 1-3 4.45pm 5.30pm
Inters Grades 4-6 5.30pm 6.15pm
Seniors Grades 7+ 6.15pm 7.00pm
Tuesday - Lara Community Centre
 Waverley Road, Lara
Class Age Group Start Finish
Subs 2 Age 3 - Prep 4.15pm 5.00pm
Juniors 2 Grades 1-3 5.00pm 5.45pm
Hip Hop Ages 7+ 5.45pm 6.45pm

Class Fees

Class fees are $11 per week and can either be paid per class each week or per term. Discount is given to those with 2 or more children from the same family attending classes. There is also a small enrolment fee.  This is a yearly fee payable at the first or second lesson. Class fees must be paid weekly with no IOU’s accepted unless you have contacted me prior. Otherwise term fees must be paid by the second week in each term.

Hip Hop classes are $14 per session.  Please wear sneakers/runners and comfortable clothing.  Don't forget your water!  Please note that the Hip Hop class may be split into 2 separate age groups if numbers exceed.


We don’t have a set uniform but you are encouraged to purchase a Dance Fever t-shirt. These come in hot pink with a black glitter print or black with a silver glitter print. Please note that these are optional and colours may change at any time. The students will need to wear comfortable clothing eg. Shorts, tracksuit pants, t-shirts etc.  Some of the younger students like to wear leotards and leggings etc.  Any of this is fine. All students will need a pair of black jazz shoes and tan tap shoes, but not straight away. Boys are to wear both pairs of shoes in black.  We do sell second hand pairs at class and these keep coming in until about May at various prices.


Special costumes will be required for our end of year performance. If you cannot sew I have a costume maker who can sew for you. You get to keep the costumes at the end of the year.  You will be required to pay a fabric fee by the beginning of May.  Perfect for dress up boxes or fancy dress costumes!

Receipts and refunds

At Dance Fever we are happy to provide you with a receipt if required. Please let me know at time of making payment whether you require one otherwise receipts won’t be issued. There are no refunds on class fees or enrolment fees should your child choose not to continue. There are also no refunds on costume fees, costume making fees or fabric, once fabric/costumes has been purchased or ordered.

Enrolment Forms

If you would like to enrol your child, please fill out the online enrolment form. All you need to do then is turn up to the requested lesson. If you provide an email address, we will be contacting you to confirm your position towards the middle of January via email.  Please check your junk mail box if you haven't received it by the end of January, otherwise call us.  Pretty much, the class that you request is the class that you turn up to.  Enrolments are accepted until the beginning of May, or earlier if the class is full.

All new students receive their first lesson FREE!  Conditions apply, contact us to find out more... You will still need to fill out an enrolment form.

Please note that we don’t allow anyone to stay at class to watch due to too many distractions. You are most welcome to wait quietly just outside the door if you prefer to wait around. We recommend that the parents of younger children wait outside the door if possible for the first few weeks just incase we need them. In saying this, if your child is clingy or very shy, we will let you stay to help settle them in.  We do our best to make these classes comfortable for everyone :-)  We have "open sessions" occasionally at the end of the lesson where we invite the parents to come in and view what we have learnt so far.  The parents and the children love this.  If it is a large class, we have parent helpers each week - this is also a great way of viewing your child's progress.

Please fill out the enrolment form.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us, otherwise we look forward to receiving your enrolment form and meeting you soon.